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Why join the Top 50?

Find out what’s involved in the biggest customer service and benchmarking programme in the UK. From what’s in it for you, to who our members are, this comprehensive brochure will give you the full breakdown of what to expect.


Join the programme, and following the mystery shopping research you will receive top quality reporting on what you are doing well and most importantly, on the areas that require improvement - all benchmarked against other quality contact centres across a wide range of industry sectors  - check out a sample snapshot here of some of the detailed reports you’ll receive when you join the programme

Top 50 Companies for Customer Service programme supports proactive contact centres as they strive for excellence in customer service. 


Gathering Real Customer Insight - The Mystery Shopping

We work with each participating contact centre member to produce extensive research carried out by globally renowned market research company GfK.  The research programme delivers real customer insight to measure the customer service of our members across multiple channels (phone, email, social media & live chat), using over 60 KPI’s derived from 10 years’ worth of research of the most valuable of all assets – the customer.

Benchmarking Against Competitors - The Benchmark Report

The in-depth results are then benchmarked against the Top 50 members, highlighting areas of excellence and areas requiring improvement.  This unique benchmarking report enables our members to see how they compare with other contact centres, both within their sector and across the best in the industry. This in turn, allows them to gain a better understanding of what drives customer satisfaction across the board and delivers a unique insight into how their contact centre performs against others in the industry.

Identifying Areas For Improvement - The Road-Map

Using advanced statistical techniques, we analyse the mystery shopper responses to provide our members with the following operational performance recommendations:

  • Identifying those areas of service, which if improved, would have the greatest impact on improving purchase/repurchase propensity, advocacy, and customer satisfaction
  • Providing a quantified contribution of the impact each members operation has on customers’ brand perception across multiple service channels
  • Recommendations for improving multi-channel customer offering
  • Information enabling our members to build business cases for investments in customer service improvement and a list of best contact-centre practices

Improving Customer Experience - Year Round Improvement

The best performers by channel, industry sector, size etc. are then celebrated at a high end gala dinner.  This is an entertaining and positive event that is truly motivational for all attending teams and a great opportunity to network and socialise with other proactive, high quality centres.  Previous hosts for the event have included Eamonn Holmes, Claudia Winkleman, Gabby Logan, Rachel Riley, Laura Whitmore, Katherine Ryan and Rob Beckett.

Workshops throughout the year, site visits and a Member Improvement Conference focus on key areas for improvement, educating, supporting, sharing best practice and delivering actionable insights and a road map of improvement. 

Online Peer Networking

Plus, members have full access to peer-to-peer networking and exclusive industry research reports via a private password-protected portal.  This will include exclusive access to the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service 10 Year Report, and on-going live discussion boards to facilitate experience-sharing, member-to-member advice, debate and insight.

What’s next?

Top 50’s partnership with GfK

GfK_logo-150x150.jpgGfK use their expert panel of 10,000 mystery shoppers and their vast experience of benchmarking to give real insight from real customers on how you can improve your customer service. As a globally renowned market research company GfK ensures that this is one of the most rigorous tests of your performance and provides a detailed report that will give you the power to make strategic decisions that are backed up by stats.