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What does the Top 50 do?

Orange Icon Gather Real Customer Insight – Measure your customer service across multiple channels using real data and insight from your customers.

Orange Icon Benchmark against your competitors – See how you compare with other contact centres both within your sector and across the best in the industry.

Orange Icon Identify areas for improvement – Get inspirational recommendations based on the data from your customer interactions.

Orange Icon Improve customer experience – We provide actionable insights and a road map of improvement based around interactions with your customers.

All of this value also comes at a great price that’s much lower than a bespoke assessment of your customer service from a market research agency.

Why join the Top 50?

Find out what’s involved in the biggest customer service and benchmarking programme in the UK. From what’s in it for you, to who our members are, this comprehensive brochure will give you the full breakdown of what to expect.

Gather Real Customer Insight – The Mystery Shopping

The Top 50 Companies for Customer Service allows you to measure your customer experience performance by providing a benchmark against your competitors and the market in general based on real customer data, actionable results and in-depth reporting.

  • We use real customer insight to measure your customer service across multiple channels using over 60 KPI’s derived from 9 years worth of research with your most valuable asset – your customer
  • We analyse 125 mystery shopping interactions per channel over a 3 month period to provide you with a true reflection of your customer service offering.
  • We provide tailored and actionable insights based around interactions with your customer with a root cause analysis on areas of opportunity
  • We provide you with an NPS/CSAT combined with actual copy inteactions and verbatim from your customer to give you a true reflection of your customer service operation.

Benchmark against your competitors – The Benchmarking Report

The benchmarking report will help organisations to see how they compare with other contact centres both within their sector and across the best in the industry. This will enable them to gain a better understanding about what drives customer satisfaction across the board and how their contact centre performs against others in the industry.

Based on the responses received from the mystery shoppers, the reports will cover several areas (as outlined in the table below), such as:

  • Measuring specific elements of the customer interaction deemed as important by customers such as timeliness, ease of use, reliability, staff knowledge and personalised service
  • How satisfied the customer is with the interaction and their likelihood to repurchase and to recommend you to others and how to improve it
  • How well you met their expectation of your brand
  • How well your other contact channels work both independently and how well they are joined up
  • Finding out how well you preformed against those in your sector and the best in the industry
  • Understanding how well you preformed with existing and potential customers and where the differences lie
  • How well your services performed during peak and off peak hours

Identify areas for improvement – The Road-Map

The questions answered by our large mystery shopping sample are drawn from best practice contact centre research around the world and scientifically demonstrated to distinguish between high and low contact centre performance.

Using advanced statistical techniques, we will analyse these mystery shopper responses to provide you with the following operational recommendations for the performance of your contact centre:

  • Identifying those service areas in your contact centre which if improved would have the greatest impact on improving purchase/repurchase propensity, advocacy, and customer satisfaction
  • Providing a quantified contribution of the impact your call centre operations has on customers’ brand perception across multiple service channels
  • Recommendations for improving your multi-channel customer offering
  • Information enabling you to build business cases for investments in customer service improvement and a list of best contact-centre practices

Improve customer experience – Year Round Improvement

Along with your Road-Map, Top 50 hold multiple improvement events throughout the year to make sure you are armed with both the understanding and skills required to make changes in your contact centre. These include:

  • The Top 50 Improvement Conference
  • Site-visits throughout the year
  • Workshops
  • Focus Groups

Top 50’s partnership with GfK

GfK use their expert panel of 10,000 mystery shoppers and their vast experience of benchmarking to give real insight from real customers on how you can improve your customer service. As a globally renowned market research company GfK ensures that this is one of the most rigorous tests of your performance and provides a detailed report that will give you the power to make strategic decisions that are backed up by stats.